Its women’s day today and while it’s almost end of day, I wouldn’t let It pass without celebrating the first 6 great women God put in my life; my Mum and my 5 awesome baabas who love and spoil me to bits.


Mummy is the glue that holds us together. She has a way of coordinating everyone’s business right in her chair. Then she also knows how to make each of us feel like her absolute favorite. I can swear to you that from her actions, I am certain I am her favorite child; – but so can each of the other 6!!

I feel like the Proverbs 31 woman is an exaggeration; I even don’t like her most of the times cause I mean she is too much but when I think about my mum, I would say King Solomon first met her before writing the chapter!!


Patricia is my second Mum. This girl takes the big sister thing to another level. She even has a mark of her love for me on her forehead which she got on one fateful day when a cow attacked her while carrying me on her back (meanwhile I was an old baby🙈🙈). Her care sometimes is even embarrassing; she carries an extra sweater and shoes for me in case she suspects we will be in the same place. ¾ of my wardrobe is her doing!!! In case you are wondering, I am 28 years old and married!!


Druscilla is the spiritual guru at home. When I learnt about rapture for the first time, she was my mark; anytime I looked for her around the house and couldn’t find her I suspected I had been left behind. She lived the gospel so well that she didn’t have to tell you she was a Christian. She monitored my readings lest I read bad things!!! Also, Dru has a ready joke for every moment. Even in scary moments, she will come up with something funny that will immediately lift your spirits.


Darcy is the sound of reason at home. She has a solution for every problem. She will do whatever is in her power to see everyone happy and well taken care of. Her generosity knows no bounds!!! Darcy is,  or rather was my look alike (😉😉)


Eseri has a heart of a child; the very heart that Christ encourages all of us to have. She is so honest and free spirited. She has one of the most teachable spirits I have ever seen. She is also very brilliant yet humble. She was my playmate while growing up.


Anne is my confidant. We have talked about close to everything in our lives. Also, she is one of the most enterprising and hard working women I know; she took on mum’s traits the most. When present, I can lay back and relax knowing she has everything under control.

All these women have shaped me in more ways than I can express; they have loved me unconditionally and groomed me into the person I am today. For this I will forever be grateful!!

Happy women’s day.










Growing up in Kisoro, I often imagined how Kampala looked like. I would look through the window and imagine seeing Kampala in all its glory. In my mind, I saw the many cars(especially buses) and the humongous buildings and longed to step in its majesty. One of my sisters caused my longing to deepen when she visited and came back with five nicely molded stones whose Luganda name she had mastered(mayinja) and would only let anyone touch them after they had done her a favor!!!

I remember praying fervently and even making promises to God to be fulfilled only if I reached Kampala.  Hilarious as this may sound, it was my wildest dream at the time.     Of course I later came to Kampala and looking back I wonder what the fuss was about.

As life happened, other bigger mountains came my way. Exams were one of those. PLE seemed like Mt. Everest till UCE showed up and this too was insignificant in the face of UACE.

I have just been thinking about the things I have desired so badly or dreaded so much and even thought they would never come to pass and the fact that most of them came and went.

What’s that thing that seems un attainable? I would like to encourage you that its just a matter of time. Keep walking towards that direction one day at a time and before you know it you will have reached there.

I am reminded of my precious grandmother;-When my family moved to Kampala we came with her and later on she would tell me that she had moved all around Uganda. ( Never mind that she only stayed in Kisoro, Kabale and Kampala) and she confidently said she would reach America basing on her past experience. She unfortunately didn’t reach there in the physical but I am sure in her mind she had been there a number of times.

I am confident that whatever it is that we aspire to, we will attain in its time. Even the Preacher in Ecclesiastes 3:11 says “He has  made everything beautiful in its time.”

Don’t give up hope, take daily baby steps towards your dream and before you know it, you will have attained it.

My Forever Love

pexels-photo-326625Today, Joel and I make 24 months (wink wink ….ok 2 years) in marriage and I am in a very grateful and reflective mood. I could write a whole best seller about our love story but that will be for another day. I would like to just pick 24 things I love and celebrate about him (two would be very few) as we celebrate today.

  1. His love for  me is sure and constant. I am persuaded beyond reasonable doubt that he loves me deeply and through both his words and actions, he doesn’t let me forget how much he loves me.
  2. He is my BFF. For the past 8 years, he has been my closest friend. He has been their through my lows and highs and we have come out stronger together.
  3. He Listens to me. Knowing how much I talk, am super grateful for a husband who listens even when half asleep!! like seriously, for most of the times, he listens to even the stories I have told before with as much enthusiasm as though he were hearing them for the first time.
  4. He is so caring: He cares and cares and cares some more. From asking about my day to following up on anything bothering me just to make sure am well. Sometimes he asks about things that I have already forgotten; like if I tell him  I have a headache in the morning, he will call during the day enquiring about the same when most times it’s gone and forgotten.
  5. He is super helpful; he does all chores with me even without being asked.
  6. He is my confidant: I always know that my secret is safe with him.
  7. He is my playmate: He calls out the child in me and I enjoy it.
  8. He is a great provider: He gets out of his way to make sure that our needs are met.
  9. He is my lover. He pursues me daily relentlessly.
  10. He is funny. He has a ready joke always. There is a particular one I love most and he makes sure he cracks it every once in a while just to make me laugh.
  11. He is wise. Just as his name, he is the wisest man I have ever met. He has a solution for any situation that I find myself in.
  12. He affirms me constantly. He washes me with praise both in private and in public. I know he overrates it but I enjoy it none the less.
  13. He gets me. He knows me like no one else does. He knows the things I love and dislike. He has filled shelves upon shelves with books that I love. When picking a movie, he knows exactly which ones I would love and always gets them for me.
  14. He supports me in all I do. He is my number one fun; be it in what am doing currently or what I hope to do in the future.
  15. He believes in  me crazily. He thinks am a gem and sees so much more in me than I see in myself sometimes. He is constantly calling that greatness out and I can confidently say its working.
  16. He is my leader. He leads our family so well and takes charge which I am super grateful for.
  17. He treasures family. He fits in my family so well that one would think he’s been there all his life. He is just a call away from any family member who needs any help. Some times I feel like he is even closer to them that I am.
  18. He is confident in his identity in Christ; He knows he is deeply loved by God and he loves Him too. He opened my eyes to the gospel in a different perspective and my life has never been the same again.
  19. He is kind. Macho as he looks, he has a very kind heart that is open to helping whoever God sends our way. He always reminds me that we are just stewards of all the resources that God has given us.
  20. He is so daring. There are not many things that scare him. He will go all out for whatever he wants to do without any fear of failure.
  21. He protects me. I feel absolutely safe with him. I know he could give his life for me.
  22. He extends grace to me daily. With my many failings, he sees me as Christ sees me and is always forgiving and cleansing me with his words.
  23. He is super cute. He makes my heart skip a beat. He is the most handsome man in my world!!
  24. He is sold out for the Kingdom; He serves the Lord wholeheartedly and spurs me on in the same.                                                                                                                             I could go on and on and on but bottom line is, God has blessed me with a great husband and I can’t not celebrate him now and always.

Village excitement


I have loved telling stories from as far back as i can remember. My Dad tells me that while in nursery school, i had a new story everyday when i got home. The one that he tells most is one where i told of a man who had nails that could break any razor blade(i have no idea what that was about!!). Story telling just gives me a thrill. I can literally retell an incident or even a sermon word for word(My husband is the unfortunate recipient of those.) Earlier on in life i found out a great source of nice stories-; Novels,  and ooh how i fell in love with those. I read anything and everything i could lay may hands on as long as it had a touch of love in it and boy did it pay off!! The love of reading coupled with that of telling stories earned me quite a number of privileges. So, my  O’ Level dorm mates didn’t really love reading but  loved chilling over a nice story during weekends  so they could go borrow nice novels, ask me( read beg) to read and tell them the story. This i could gladly do in exchange for some really nice treats like “daddies”. I would then sit on the third Decker around which they would be glued, lost in the vividly retold novel.  With time, i started writing down anything that came to mind- just to have a story. I wrote about literally anything; from cockroaches to KCCA gabbage collectors. My little brother and my husband( then boyfriend) were my major audience as the stories remained stored away in my numerous notebooks.

Just recently, i discovered that i could actually expand my audience through blogging and you can imagine the excitement i have over this discovery.

I am literally digging out and dusting my old notebooks so i can share all those nice stories, plus my eyes are wide open and i keep my ear to the ground (like seriously i eavesdrop on my neighbors’ juicy jazz in a taxi) just to have a nice story to blog about every week. Watch this space for one of those next week.

I appreciate your audience.



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton