Discipleship 101

So discipleship is one of those words that you must have heard if you have ever visited any Worship Harvest location in the recent years. Its one of our cores.

Well lately i have been thinking on what it really is about and my conclusion is that  Its a life on life learning that sometimes happens without either party noticing.  Since we started staying with Bryton, we consciously speak words of affirmation to him; before he goes to bed i say this,” good night Bryton,i love you,  God bless you,see you tomorrow ” i say it over and over again. Recently i have had the mother saying the very same things to the little one. During our Family devotional time at night, each of us takes a turn to lead. When its Anita’ s turn, you would think its me praying;  its like she crams my words, word for word only to replay them on her day!! Iam confident that there is no greater discipleship than letting in someone fully and opening your life to them. I cant promise that its always fun and bliss. It comes with lots of discomforts but in the end its worth it. You don’t have to quit your job and your life in order to make disciples; start with the people in your circles for God has placed them there for a purpose. Its actually not as complex as it seems, so let’s go make disciples already!!!



Celebrating My OnceUponaTime Look-alike.

IMG-20171113-WA0010Do you have that one person in your life who always has their act together , like all the time? Well, mine is my big sister Darcy!! I don’t know whether words can suffice in describing her.  She just doesn’t talk, dress, eat, sit, sleep fwaaaa. All her moves are calculated before they are made. No wonder she is a super disciplinarian!! This she has been ever since i can remember.  I recall when growing up, my little and only brother would want to run through the house as someone else was mopping and it would only be Darcy to stop him with afew spanks.

From close family to acquaintances, Darcy is everyone’ s favorite. Anyone who knows us will ask after her even after many years of not meeting.

Darcy will do absolutely anything however costly to see others happy. She will give of her last penny to save  a situation. Her selflessness is even annoying sometimes. While at University,  we were housemates and Oh boy was i a rich woman!! She knew well that my parents gave me weekly upkeep religiously, but she would insist on giving me money on a daily!! As for airtime….I miss those days!!

I trust her word completely. I remember even when younger she couldn’t mantain a lie.. where as some of us would “dry” ourselves pakalast, she would instantly confess that what she had said was either a lie or she wasn’t sure of the full details.

Darcy’ s zeal for  the Lord and ministry is admirable and her natural leadership abilities stand out every where she goes.

As a big sister, Darcy has always been over protective of me and has nurtured me into the person I am today..i have been very inquisitive from way back so sometime in my P.5, someone told me i had romantic eyes.. at the time i didn’t know what the word “romantic ” meant and suspected it was an eye disease so it got me worried through the term. When holidays came, it was the first thing i asked her. You should have seen how wide her big eyes got!!! She gave me a whole day’s lecture (ok i have exaggerated abit).

All in all, as we celebrate your  birthday today Darcy, iam so blessed to have you as a big  sister and Metu for life.


I love you.





Courageous Mothers!!

received_10155302651430649As mother’s day approaches, iam reminded of all the young mothers and those to be that i have been privileged to work with for close to 5 years now.
These young girls are a true definition of ” courageous “. In our society where teenage pregnancy is a taboo and whose victims are branded ” misfits and prostitutes” only to give birth to ” bastards and vagabonds”, many opt for the easier way out a.k.a abortion.
We don’t necessarily celebrate the fact that they got pregnant but we refuse to join the rest of the world to condemn them. We know that every child, no matter the circumstances of their birth is a gift from God and has a great purpose mapped out for their life and so we do all we can to see them brought into this world and walk in their purpose.

These young mothers brave the redicule of society and face life’s challenges head on!!


Motherhood at any age comes with its challenges so imagine those of a child having another child!!!
Many of these girls, with the support of their families have done an amazing job!! We have many children now going to school, mothers who continued with school and are now making a living for both themselves and their children.


Seeing what they have become while we remember where they came from fills our hearts with a lot of joy and we can’t but say Ebenezer! !!
Iam so proud of each of these mothers and can’t wait to see all the greatness within them unfold!!!

The things we take for granted!!!


While looking through the many pictures in my phone, my girl exclaimed saying, ” You people in Kampala eat so much cake”..she went on to tell me how in her village, cake is only eaten at “rich” men’s wedding and emphasised that only at church weddings and not traditional weddings is it eaten!!!!
My husband and i decided to give her and her baby a home while she pursues her course in tailoring and oooh  the things i have been reminded of in the 3 months or so that we have stayed with them!!!
She one day was thinking out loud how her baby has gotten so used to sugar yet at home he would take porridge and tea without it!!
These are not things that i normally think about. Of course a celebration of any sort should have cake, how else do people celebrate? !! Tea isn’t tea unless it has sugar! !
She told us how they ate meat only on Christmas and Easter!!!! The whole year is spent saving for that luxury! !
How often do i stop to give thanks for the many seemingly insignificant things that make others people’ s days?!
As i write this, iam reminded of my classmate in O’ level who used to like standing behind me while queuing for food. One time we were busy in conversation while waiting for the queue to move when my plate hit hers by accident. The “appetiser ” that was on my fork spread onto her plate and i was quick to apologise. She just smiled and said “Thank God”. She went on to share how she always hoped to sit next to me at the dining table because my food always smelt nice and so she enjoyed hers too!!! I was dumbfounded. I remembered all the times i had more than enough “appeta”that the next visiting day would sometimes find me with an almost full tin only to be given a fresh one and here was a girl who only prayed and hoped to smell it!!
Before you throw stones my way, think about how many things you have taken for granted yourself, thinking them obvious.
Today i choose to stop and count my blessings; large and small and i encourage you to do the same!!


I have had the privilege of being mentored by some incredible people through my life. Some were intentional while others just poured their lives in mine without necessary calling it mentorship. At every level right from Sunday school to where I am today, there have been people I have looked up to who have invested a lot in my life. The list is inexhaustible but the ones who come off head as I write are; Mrs. Flavia Kaziinda in Sunday school, Sadat in high school, Centurio, Emma and Robert at University, Uncles  Jude, Irakiza, Denis, Sammie at SU, My leaders at Worship Harvest plus many other people.

Today however I would like to write about three special women that decided to take me under their wings at different stages in my life.


The first one is Rosie Olunloyo; I got to know Rosie personally through a worship harvest fellowship then called G12. She took a liking for me and invited me into her space. I was at university then with no much plans for the future apart from the knowledge that I didn’t see myself practicing anything finance related yet I was pursuing a bachelors in Business Administration majoring in Finance. Through her Pearl mentoring programme, I got to really know myself and my strengths. She helped me realize that it’s actually ok to “BE ME” and pursue my dreams. I got to have an idea of my purpose and a push to pursue it. When I finished university she taught me how to write a CV; not just editing other people’s but using my strengths to articulate my abilities well. When I got a job offer that was related to Finance, I knew I couldn’t be happy working there yet the pressure all around was strong but after a few conversations with Rosie and the ladies at Pearl, I decided to turn down the offer. It’s been about 5 years since then but I am still reaping from Rosie’s investment. I honor and celebrate you today Ms. Lots of love.

FB_IMG_1524236636060Josephine N. Nsubuga; my boss is the other mentor that I have been privileged to have. This lady took a chance on me without really having known me in person prior. Close to five years ago, after realizing what I wanted to do with my life, God led me to her and I approached her with a request to volunteer in her organization. After a short talk, she accepted me and like they say; the rest is history. I have learnt and picked the heart of a Counselor and Social worker from her. She has the biggest heart I have encountered yet. She demonstrates the love of God so effortless and grace just oozes out of her. Her trust levels are scary; she has literally let me in on everything concerning the organization. Josephine has an all-round approach to life; she has taught me about parenting, marriage, ministry etc and all this not so much in words but by her actions.

Iam so privileged to have met you and to be able to serve God with you as we transform lives with the power of love.FB_IMG_1524227732892

My third mentor came in my life sometime last year. I had heard quite a lot about her and started following her on face book. I was very impressed if not overwhelmed by her writing skills among other things. I however didn’t imagine ever getting to know her personally. While having a conversation with a few friends I expressed my desire for finding a mentor and one of them suggested Noeline Kirabo and went on to justify their suggestion but good as the idea was, she seemed out of my league. As God would have it, I got to know about NGMP, a mentoring programme that she was running and I enrolled for the 4 months course. I can confidently say that that was among the best decisions I have made in life so far. It was stretching, challenging but such a great growth opportunity. It’s at NGMP that my writing skills were revived, I was challenged to set goals and follow them through, made great friends and got to know, appreciate and love Noeline. Even now she looks out for me, sees and calls out greatness in me and challenges me to growth.

If I could have half your energy and zeal for life Noeline, I would be sorted!!!


As the Women’s month of March comes to an end, I thought of writing two more blogs about some other special women in my life. Today am writing about my closest friends. These girls “get me”!! They are not necessarily the ones I spend the most time with, neither do I keep in touch with them as I should but they hold a special place in my heart.

I invite you to read and get to know me a bit more by knowing these Phenomenal Women.


Momo as she loves to be called is one of my “oldest” friends. We were together both in O’level and A’Level but closest at A ‘level. We were in the same hostel and were even “deckermates”. We shared whatever we owned; I remember we were in different streams which were quite apart but I would pick her up every break time and we would eat our snack which also doubled as lunch together.

I fell in love with her cheeks mostly; but serious she has a sweet face and her hug would make me feel safe and warm; a motherly bear hug!!

Life has thrown her way various challenges but she has remained a strong, steadfast, smiling woman. I celebrate our friendship My Mo. Love you.



Have you ever had that one person who loves you until you are suspicious? Mine is Naki. So I met this girl when I went to pick my uniform the weekend before school started. I didn’t really like the school I was going to so had no expectation nor enthusiasm of making new friends- leave alone instantly. So here I was at the gate not knowing where to go next and this cute chubby girl comes with a wide smile and introduces herself; as they say the rest is history. I later found out she was a celeb in school and all and would be the Head Girl and S.U mama. With all those airs plus the fact that she was in science class and me in arts, you could think that our chances of being friends were slim. That wasn’t to be so because she sought me out all the time. We have been close up to date and I can count on her love for me at all costs. She remembers my birthday every year plus all the other special moments in my life. I love you Tasha and can’t wait to be a god mother.


Carolina my dear; always looking out for me, making sure everything is alright, listening, laughing, crying and just being there. You my dear are a true sister of consolation; no wonder you fell on a brother with the same thingy (😉😉).

Diana Makafu 20171114_135315

Diana my Roomie as if… so this girl’s room was my room at campus. Many people actually believed I resided in her hostel. We had lunch in her room, talked, watched “she wolf” plus anything else on T.V…If my phone was off or something, you just had to call Diana and you would instantly locate me. What beautiful memories we created in that room!!!; from sharing our past, to the present and dreaming of the future. We were a Trio with Suzan and ooh mehn what loud laughter we had in that room. I fell in trouble with “Centu” a number of times because of that room; – boiling room time would find me asleep out of exhaustion from either discussions or Jazz but mostly the later. I miss us Diana and Suzan!!!


Phiyo, my sister from another mother. We clicked instantly. Many people actually think we are biological sisters because of our resemblance. Your passion and zeal for the Lord is contagious. I have fond memories of us doing Mutungo Link, PPPN, Blood week, Season 21 plus lots of other things together. We have seen God answer our prayers one by one and this is just the beginning. The candid conversations we would have on the way are timeless. I miss seeing you every Sunday.

I Love you so much my girls.






Its women’s day today and while it’s almost end of day, I wouldn’t let It pass without celebrating the first 6 great women God put in my life; my Mum and my 5 awesome baabas who love and spoil me to bits.


Mummy is the glue that holds us together. She has a way of coordinating everyone’s business right in her chair. Then she also knows how to make each of us feel like her absolute favorite. I can swear to you that from her actions, I am certain I am her favorite child; – but so can each of the other 6!!

I feel like the Proverbs 31 woman is an exaggeration; I even don’t like her most of the times cause I mean she is too much but when I think about my mum, I would say King Solomon first met her before writing the chapter!!


Patricia is my second Mum. This girl takes the big sister thing to another level. She even has a mark of her love for me on her forehead which she got on one fateful day when a cow attacked her while carrying me on her back (meanwhile I was an old baby🙈🙈). Her care sometimes is even embarrassing; she carries an extra sweater and shoes for me in case she suspects we will be in the same place. ¾ of my wardrobe is her doing!!! In case you are wondering, I am 28 years old and married!!


Druscilla is the spiritual guru at home. When I learnt about rapture for the first time, she was my mark; anytime I looked for her around the house and couldn’t find her I suspected I had been left behind. She lived the gospel so well that she didn’t have to tell you she was a Christian. She monitored my readings lest I read bad things!!! Also, Dru has a ready joke for every moment. Even in scary moments, she will come up with something funny that will immediately lift your spirits.


Darcy is the sound of reason at home. She has a solution for every problem. She will do whatever is in her power to see everyone happy and well taken care of. Her generosity knows no bounds!!! Darcy is,  or rather was my look alike (😉😉)


Eseri has a heart of a child; the very heart that Christ encourages all of us to have. She is so honest and free spirited. She has one of the most teachable spirits I have ever seen. She is also very brilliant yet humble. She was my playmate while growing up.


Anne is my confidant. We have talked about close to everything in our lives. Also, she is one of the most enterprising and hard working women I know; she took on mum’s traits the most. When present, I can lay back and relax knowing she has everything under control.

All these women have shaped me in more ways than I can express; they have loved me unconditionally and groomed me into the person I am today. For this I will forever be grateful!!

Happy women’s day.