One year ago today , my friend and sister lost her 7 months old baby without warning. She left for work in the morning after cuddling and playing with her only to be called a-few hours later that the baby was dead! Just like that!

Amidst all that , my friend taught me so much about having an unshakable relationship with Jesus. Till today, she is my earthly benchmark of what it means to completely trust the Lord!

Throughout this whole year, she has held firmly onto the comforting arms of the Lord and given hope to those in despair.

With her permission, here are the words she spoke at the funeral that up to now have me question how unshakable my faith when faced with the hardest blows of life is!

I pray that it will stir you to desire such a relationship!

I stand here thanking God and reaffirming that he is God.

You are God in my life , you are God when I have my three children and you are still God when I am left with two.

He is God when we are alive and even when we are dead because that’s the way we all are taking . But we have hope that this flesh will go back to dust where it came from but our true selves will return to God and dwell with him where there is no sorrow or tears and no sadness of death and other tragedies.

I thank God who has been with us, who lent us Ineza for the 7 months that she has been with us. Such a beautiful girl who came from the Lord. Even in her littleness, she was so lovely . We had never been gifted at birth like we were when Ineza was born . We received so many gifts even from near strangers!

The Lord gave us opportunity to receive such joy through Ineza.

I thank God for his strength in this time. I previously could never pass by a mortuary without running for dear life. It scared me so much just to pass by it. I however held Ineza through it all and I can only say it was by God’s strength and grace. I couldn’t have done it on my own .I am  so grateful for his strength.

I am confident that Ineza is in heaven; am assured of this from the word of God. What gives me strength is the confidence I have that this is not the last I see of her. I will see her in heaven, clothed in glory and splendor , without the sorrow of lack of breast milk when I am not around, I will see her filled with joy together with Jesus.

Be encouraged brethren. We are strong and ask you to do the same. It’s not easy but it’s possible and we weren’t created to do only the easy .

Let’s not give the devil chance to cast down our hearts , let’s trust the Lord for he is with us and is our strength.

I know that Ineza has gone to a better place with no tears ; to a great life of peace without sadness.

The devil must have thought that causing this tragedy would shake my faith and salvation. I however have experienced God like never before. I have understood that any of us can be called home any time .

It’s possible for us to question God and doubt his goodness and faithfulness but I would like to assure you that God’s plans for myself , my husband and our children are good. They are to prosper us and never to bring disaster! 


60F2FE05-DC99-4172-8626-C636F86F4AD5I didn’t blog at all through 2019! I can summarize my year in a few words; Lemuel Osagyefo Billionaire!

On 3rd January 2019, I was launched into this motherhood thing. I vividly remember each event of the day but I won’t bore you with the details! Main  point is at 8:05pm, Lemuel Osagyefo Billionaire came into the world! I must confess it wasn’t love at first sight like is usually presented! He looked white and so tiny and I was so tired and relieved  to get over with the pushing business! Also, he didn’t cry immediately like is said so I asked the midwife why he wasn’t crying. As if on cue, he let out a loud scream at that moment!


I actually can’t point to which exact moment I felt the attachment but I eventually did and oh boy am I attached!

This my little man is the best gift God has given us our entire life! He lights up every place he is with the cutest smile ever!

In him I see God revealed! He is much more than we ever asked or imagined.

Being Lemmy’s mum is a privilege I don’t take for granted. Seeing him grow from day to day just warms my heart. Who knew that two syllables “ma ma” would make one’s year!!! It’s a celebration at ours even when he outgrows his overalls.

His most recent milestone is understanding instructions. When he is told to clap his hands, he does. If you tell him to sleep, he puts his head down and if you tell him to sit down, he does! This has me all excited and I give him the instructions innumerable times a day!

I can write a whole book about our son and still have more words to say!


Looking back a year ago, all I can say is Ebenezer- this far the Lord has brought us!




Since i got to know about the little life growing on my inside,  i started writing regularly to it. I write fond memories, muses,rants, prayers, declarations, confessions and anything else that comes to mind that i would love to tell my precious baby.

It’s a very personal journal that no one really gets to read.

This week though i wrote to him something that i would love to share with you. Enjoy!!

6th Dec 2018

Good morning Lemmy my boy.

Iam super excited since last evening. I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it;  it’s just that i was still trying to take it all in!!!

This morning am abit more sober so i will try to tell you all about yesterday.

So my friends and family organised for us a surprise baby shower and it was just amazing. Like you will get to know me, i don’t easily get surprised but this time round, they got me!!! I had had a busy day at work and was craving for some rest but ooh boy did they refresh me!! They came in large numbers and loved on us like crazy!!

You should see all the gifts they gave you; it’s real generosity of Queens. They showered you like a true King that you are my boy; Lemuel King Billionaire.

You will get to meet and love these beautiful ladies when you get here…but in the meantime i will tell you just a little bit about each of them so you’ll have an idea when you meet them. These are all your Aunties because they are family to us.


Auntie Divion is a quiet,cool one. She takes her nieces and nephews out on dates especially for movies:- this is a good Auntie to have my boy😜. She gives warm bear hugs also!!


Auntie Joy has a sweet smile and sings beautifully. She might teach you a song or two! !

Auntie Eve is the prayer warrior. So passionate and committed to whatever she is a part of. She is a loyal friend plus a great wife. She will also have a baby boy soon so you will have a playmate. She makes very nice outfits so get ready to slay in one of them!! Masha her sweet daughter is my friend and was also present at the shower💖💖.


Auntie Lydia is a sweet one. She always has a word of encouragement at hand. We  talked about you before you were conceived and she assured me that all is well and indeed it is. She is also a great mother; one of those super women you will hear about doing 1000 things at the same time.  She inspires me.


Auntie Rose is a fun loving happy one. She is a mother to some of the coolest boys you will meet. They make teaching harvest kids a joy. They will show you one too many boxing and kicking tricks am sure plus you won’t have to miss out on any current cool cartoons cause they will keep you updated!!


Auntie Sheila is a gifted one. You will see the cute bib she made for you with her own hands. She is multi talented and a real gem. You will love her.


Auntie Rhona loves extravagantly and gives selflessly. She also gives real Kikiga hugs; so warm and full.  She looks out for me often!!


Auntie Prossy is a Don; very intelligent and ambitious. She is so humorous and gives all she does her best. She has a beautiful smile. You will enjoy her…N.B. Lately she’s become a work out Guru so you might not recognise her when you meet her.


Auntie Noeline is so many things, even you will never fully comprehend her. She is one of my mentors and inspiration. She has energy for 1000 people and there is never a dull moment with her. She believes in me like crazy. . Oh plus she prays for us and always has a fresh word from God. Iam sure you will learn lots from her.


Auntie Momo is a long time bestie. She is a sweet one but also a disciplinarian. She brings out the best in every child.  You will enjoy her teachings in Harvest kids.


Auntie Mary L is a happy one.  Very friendly and caring. She has a sweet daughter Macklin who will spoil you with hugs; she adores babies.

Auntie Mary K is always put together;  both inside and outside.  She is also very humble yet super gifted; she will pull any event off.  If she is in charge of anything you can rest assured it’s sorted.


Aunt Martha (you will probably call her Teacher Martha ) is the best kids teacher ever.  She sings so happily and jumps up and down like a baby.  She will make you fall in love with  Jesus; her joy is infectious.


Auntie Joana is a designer! ! She is always slaying and has a beautiful smile.

Aunt Jackie is the hospitality Queen. She will make you feel like the King that you are!! Plus she gives the tightest hugs ever!


Aunt Irene is so many things.  Beautiful in and out, eloquent in speech, super generous,  kind hearted plus she has a beautiful home( i applied for adoption there;  keep your fingers crossed). Also  she has two beautiful daughters but one is already taken( no worries though; she is still in the family).


Auntie Phiona is my twin from another mother. So genuine and a loyal friend. We have a rich history together.  She will spoil you with love and attention.


Auntie Tasha is one of my besties, always there for me,gets me and just keeps giving and giving of her love without expecting anything back. Plus she prays for you continually.


Auntie Rycho K is a styled up one. Super gifted in so many things. She is also a fighter and one of my inspirations. She lives a royal life so you will like her being a King yourself! !


Auntie Grace has a sweet smile. She is also a strong advocate for marriage and asks where my ring is😜😜. She treasures family and friends and makes time for them.


Auntie Jessie is the Queen of organisation.  She puts her whole heart in making her friends feel special. She is so much fun and styled up. She loves extravagantly and gives unreservedly.  She prepares some of the best meals ever;  you will want to be visiting her often am sure.


Aunt Pat is your first Auntie. She will most probably be the first to carry you, bathe you, change your diaper plus many other things. She is literally my second mother. She most probably will take you out more than i will; please don’t let her be your favorite mother; that’s my place😎😎.


Auntie Gladys is a motherly one; always looking out for others more than herself . She is the mother to the strong willed and confident Erica; you will love her. ..plus of course the calm and caring Conrad who will initiate you into manhood (read love of cars)


Auntie Darcy is my generous and beautiful sister with whom i twin. She is also a disciplinarian! ! She will love on you and look out for you.


Auntie Anna is a member of the Cool Trio made up of herself,  Uncle Yo and I. (Unfortunately its closed so you can’t join). She is my friend and sister. She is super caring and hardworking.  She’s also a great kids teacher;  you will love her.

All these and more love you and await your coming !!





FB_IMG_1543886252145.jpgIn the recent years, i have had the privilege of being led by incredible guys through Worship Harvest Ministries.

I had been part of Mutungo Link, then The Agabas G12 (small group/home cell/ care group or whatever you call it at yours) but had to move back home after university. The Rusokes were leading a Missional Community in my very neighbourhood at the time; one of my sisters was even a member !! For over two years, my sister tried to convince me to join but i just didn’t want to! ! Meanwhile the Rusokes would give me a ride from church regularly. The most impressive thing is they never put me on pressure or made me feel guilty for not joining their MC. They just loved on me and extended grace continously . At the beginning of 2015, my boyfriend and i finally decided to check them out and as they say the rest is history!!! We found a family full of love,acceptance, opportunities for growth, fun and so much more.

Irene would regularly call to just check on me and it always felt good . She was such a glue that held Blessed Ones together! Her bear hugs would just melt your sorrows away!!

David on the other hand was the life of the party!!! Full of swag and humor.  You wouldn’t remain sad in David’s presence.

They both stood with us throught our marriage preparation and wedding and we are forever greatful!!

Your impact is eternal!!


After the Rusokes came the Tasobyas in my life. Phillip and Stacey came into a closely nit Blessed Ones family and plugged right in. They served us, loved us and Pastored us as we launched #WHKibuye!!

Stacey is so much fun to hang out with. She laughs so hard and tears just roll out of her eyes!! We made a great team teaching harvest kids.

Philta is a pastor at heart with a great balance of invitation and challenge. He believed in me and called out the greatness on my inside till it shone through.

Your labor in  the Lord is not in vain my friends.


The Wanderas have just come into my life recently but it feels like we have been together for forever!!

Walter is such a Pastor at heart..So full of positive energy and optimism. He just carries lightness and peace wherever he goes.

Amina the Prophetess always has a fresh word from the Lord and she is super accurate!! Plus her timely calls to just check on me just bless my heart.

Its an honor seating at your feet and learning from you in this season of my life.

Iam so blessed to know you.






2019 Intake is on!!

Time check. …2:36am and am still up trying to finish up my assignments. I need to make it to the 20th blog mark before i go to sleep!! Besides me my husband softly snores away and within me,  the baby turns and turns around in excitement celebrating i don’t know what !!

How did i get myself into this?? I wonder with a loud sigh!! I should be in my 6th “kisisimuko” by now but no, with all this pressure all my sleep travelled to my village in Kisoro. I don’t think it will be back soon.

I will have to admit to this though,  even while kicking and screaming, i have grown. The last 9-10 months have stretched me beyond what i expected.  My writing has been revived. I have read more books on personal growth,  leadership, organisational growth etc in these months than i had ever read before. I have learnt practically about resource mobilisation,  i have been challenged by great minds in my class, iam soon releasing a book that has been on the shelf since 2013, I live more for others than myself now, i travelled by air for the first time, eeeh the list is endless. Above all however, i have learnt to be comfortable in my skin.  Iam the best me there can ever be! God has put me in my particular space to influence there. It doesn’t have to look like another’s. .it may not be as glamorous but its only me that can influence in that particular space.

My life will not remain the same after this year at Harvest Institute and i don’t regret this step to personal development that i took.

Forever greatful.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the institute if you would like to enroll for next year! !!







Expectant! !!!

My husband and i are expecting a baby soon and we are super thrilled!!! When we first found out we were pregnant we got a mixture of feelings. Excitement mingled with an overwhelming sense of responsibility . We suddenly realised a whole human being was on its way to alter our lives for ever!! It will be completely dependent on us!!

We started talking and planning for its future as though it were already with us.

As the months have gone by, the baby has started kicking and moving vigorously which makes it more real by the day. We talk to it and it kicks in response which is a thrilling experience.  I even keep a journal  where i write to it regularly about its growth plus many other random thoughts..

We have had our baby names for the last 6 years plus so now we are spoilt for choice.

One random morning recently as we were preparing to go to work, we got into a conversation about the child and all. In that moment we were reminded about how God feels about us as his children. Just like we are obsessed with this baby, so is He with us.

He says He even knew us before we were formed in our mothers’ wombs. He knows our risings and our going to bed. He is constantly thinking about us and has great plans for our lives.

Loving as we might be towards our baby, we are limited in our humanity but still would find it stupid if it started worrying about its birth and life after.

How easy it is for us to forget how mighty and loving our heavily father is and fall into worry and anxiety!!

Even as i right this, i have lots of cares on my heart but i choose to cast all of them upon Him and to lay all of my burdens at His feet because he cares for me.

I pray you will do the same!!

Thankful for Salvation

I spent the biggest part of my morning today in the company of my Dad and my sisters Dru and Eseri and as usual he had lots of stories to tell us from his childhood.

We were noting how more than 80% of our family is Catholic and he retold the story of his coming to Christ. I somehow had assumed that traditional practices had existed in my family years back but not in my Dad’  s time. I was in for a shock when he described to us how they used to “worship ” and “appease” the gods and ancestors using  fire, local beer and millet. They would pour abit of the beer in the fire and if it made a sound, it would mean the gods were happy.  The millet would also be thrown in the fire and if it popped it would mean the gods were appeased. The whole thing sounded hilarious and silly..”ain’t those the obvious expected results of the two items in fire? “I kept on wondering!!! Well they believed that!!

He also told of the times a family wanted to know what the future held. They would carry a chick (apparently he was the lucky one who held it) and the elder would get a sharp knife and cut at its stomach then pull out its intestines which he would study to know what the future held for that family!!! When i asked the technic to this, he said he hadn’t advanced in rank enough at the time to know it!!!

Well soon after; he narrates, missionaries (Ugandan and Rwandese) came to the village and while most of the other family members went with the Catholic ones, he joined the Anglicans where he learnt about Jesus and salvation and was baptised.  His Dad thought it all silly at first. With time, as Daddy grew in the characters and competences of Christ, his Dad noticed the changes and accepted to join him to church.  The rest as they say is history.

As he concluded his story we sung an old Sunday school song in our language which says,

“Tula shim’Imana

Yuko twa vukiye

Ku ngoma y’umwami wacu


Iyo tuvuka ku ngoma ya Satani

None tuba twihebye”- translated as

“We are grateful to God that we were born under the reign of Christ,the merciful one, if we had been born under the reign of Satan we would now be hopeless!!




close-up-cold-daylight-926688All factors constant, boda bodas are my preferred means of transport; i therefore take a boda to and from work. Up until recently, i had my boda guys on both the home stage and the work stage. Like everyone else though, the safe boda craze has taken me up! I just cant imagine any other way any more. My trust levels in these guys are way up those ends. I just feel super safe with them.

Recently, a friend got a minor accident off a safe boda but you should have seen the shock on everyone’s face. All we could re-echo was, “What, off a safe boda?!!”. It seemed unbelievable. Of course its an unrealistic expectation of these guys given that on addition to  being human, they still are riding boda bodas!!

Just today, i couldn’t find a safe boda so i opted for a regular boda and a friend of mine gave me a long lecture on how unsafe it is for me to do so. I laughed it off and reminded her that we have been taking those for the past so many years. This morning, a boda guy from home told me how he and four others on the stage are joining safe boda. My perspective of each of them immediately changed. I felt them safer people to ride with now.

By now you must be wondering what point am trying to make. You will find out in a minute.

As i think about safeboda, what comes to my mind is “New Identity”. These guys are literally given a new identity and worth at least for me the moment they join safeboda. Suddenly they are no longer the ordinary lousy road side boda guy. They take on a new identity which comes with lots of benefits.

Christ’ s finished work and his identity that He has given us comes to mind when i think of this. Our identity completely changed when we came to Him. Its no longer us who live but Him who lives in us.

Unfortunately, many of us Christians haven’t realized and embraced our new identity, we still live and operate as the ordinary boda guys and haven’t taken on the full benefits of being part of safeboda.

Paul in  Ephesians 4:24 calls on us to put off the old man and put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

Embrace your new identity today and tap into your full benefits that Christ purchased with his own blood.






Happy birthday my personal person!!!

20151223_170429I cant keep calm, its my little brother’ s 1/4 a centurieth birthday!! Yohana is not just a brother but also one of my closest friends and i choose to celebrate him today.  He happens to be my only biological brother and our last born so really you will forgive the fuss!!!

My thoughts are kinda jumbled up right now and i cant seem to find the right words to write about him cause i could write an entire book!!

He is the most available sibling you could ever ask for. With 6 sisters and about 10 or so nieces and nephews, you can imagine how on demand he is. Someone always needs a chauffeur, a child minder, a messenger, a house keeper and so many other things and who else but little bro to do the job?!!With all that,  he always helps out even if uncheerfully sometimes 🙊🙊.

Yohana has an amazing way with children.  There is no child that can resist his charm however grumpy they could be…Effortlessly, he brings out a loud laughter or at least a smile from every child he meets. No wonder he is a favorite Uncle to all our nieces and nephews…as if they had an option😄😄.. but seriously he is amazing with them!!

Yohana is one of the most generous people i have met. Iam ashamed to admit that he has given me much more money than i have given him yet iam the one with a steady source of income!!  He is my run to person in case i need a bail out!!

He gets me in ways that many people don’t.  He knows what i like and endeavours to get it for me or recommend sources.

Yohana is so reliable and  looks out for my parents in all ways. Given his last born position and only boy “plight”, many people expect him to be a spoilt, irresponsible, entitled kid but ooh how he disproves that daily!! He is the most responsible, focused and selfless young man of his age that i know! !!

God knew all my brother needs and saw it fit to give me only one that could meet them all!!

I never wish i had more brothers cause the one i have is worth more than a thousand! !

Yohana, i declare that as you get into your  2nd quarter of a century, you will experience God’ s goodness in ways you have never experienced it before.

May your cup overflow with love, peace,joy and wisdom .  Your star shines brighter and all you do prospers in Jesus’ name!!

I love you so much and celebrate you today and always!!!!!






Happy Anniversary the Whites💖💖

IMG-20180715-WA00108 years ago, this power couple became husband and wife!!! I have known them for a little over three years but it feels like they have been in our lives all my life.

We are privileged to have had two incredible best men for our wedding and Ivan is one of them. We wouldn’t have asked for any better; he has been there for us in more ways than can be expressed here.

Over the years i have seen Gladys, she is always glowing.  There is no day whether away from home or at home where i have found her unkempt. 7pm feels like 8am when you see her cause she always looks and smells fresh!!!

These guys are the real definition of generosity. They will get out of their way to show kindness to both friends and strangers. If you want to know how anyone is doing,  just ask Ivan; he is always looking out for people around him. I have not met many people who examplify the Pastoral calling like Ivan does. In all this, Gladys remains the patient wife who has to make a thousand stops before getting home because Ivan is either checking on someone or dropping off another in a completely different direction from home.

Without saying much, they have showed us what marriage should be like. Their love and devotion to each other is evident for all to see. Ivan takes the parenting thing to another level. He literally freaks out when Conrad and Erica are not within eye reach!! He is one of the most involved fathers i have met. No wonder you can’t have a five minute conversation with Conrad without hearing the word Subaru mentioned atleast twice!!

Today, i would like to join the entire world to celebrate you guys. Thanks for investing your time, lives, finances, abilities plus your all in us as friends but also in the body of Christ especially at Worship Harvest Kibuye. You are incredible leaders and amazing individuals. May you always be refreshed as you refresh others. Your cup will surely never run dry. With long life the Lord satisfies you.

I love and celebrate you today and always.